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Where do my Nursing Licensure fees go?

Posted by nomadicnurse74 on March 8, 2013 at 1:50 PM

A great BIG thank you to all nurses who called or emailed your legislators about the resource starving of the Board of Nursing. As you will recall, GNA sent a Call to Action last week because we are concerned that the fees nurses pay for licensure and licensure renewals are being redirected from the work of the Board of Nursing to cover other shortfalls in the state government’s budget. We believe this is a direct violation of current law found in O.C.G.A. 43-1-7, and we have been lobbying at the State Capitol to bring attention to the negative effects this has caused, including licensure delays, nurses who are a danger to the public staying in practice and a lack of staff resources to be responsive in an efficient and timely manner.


You responded by making calls to your House Representatives and this week the Vice Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee has introduced Resolution 549 calling for a Study Committee on Professional Licensing Boards!!! If you have ever wondered if your single call really makes a difference – this is proof positive that it does. YOU made a tangible difference with your outreach to your legislators. A copy of the Resolution can be found here:


The Study Committee will likely be the only action on licensing boards in the 2013 session. The Committee will review the existing structure of licensing boards in Georgia to determine whether the structure:(1) Is streamlined, optimizes efficiencies of scale, and provides for the appropriate state entity or entities to oversee licensing boards; (2) Provides adequate staffing needs; (3) Includes available, affordable technologies for faster, more reliable electronic record keeping; (4) Currently assesses adequate licensing fees to support the direct and indirect costs to the state for the various boards to provide such services; and (5) Is effective and efficient relating to any matters associated with licensing professions in this state.


GNA CNS affiliate will continue to be a resource to you (our members) and to our state law makers as this Study Committee convenes.

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